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Aloha Kakou,

It has been almost six months since the 2013 HFFA Election and Team PONO wishes the best of luck to the current Executive Board. We'd also like to say how much we appreciated the support we got from many of you out there who believed in our intent of doing for you, the membership of HFFA. At this time the website is being reconfigured so it may continue to fulfill its intentions. So we ask for your patience and understanding while this is being done and we hope it will be up shortly, beginning with clarity of the mistruths, your HFFA President stated in the Spring 2014 HFFA newsletter, about Team PONO. Until then, e pono kakou e malama ke kahi i ke kahi...

Mahalo a Aloha,


E komo mai!

Aloha!  This website was created to provide information of Team PONO candidates who are campaigning and seeking election in the 2013 Hawai'i Fire Fighters Association Local 1463 election.

Team PONO is a group of dedicated firefighters with diverse backgrounds that want to return OUR Union back to its members, the rightful owners.

Our name, PONO, was selected because it has both a Hawaiian cultural meaning and is an acronym that expresses the way an executive leadership group should be serving the membership.

PONO- Cultural meaning

According to one Hawaiian dictionary, the word  “Pono” has many meanings.  Some of them are righteous, goodness, excellence, upright, just, fair, accurate, correct, and necessary.

In short, Pono means to "make right".

The more someone researches the Hawaiian word “Pono”, the harder it becomes to define.  For a word with so few letters, it carried a large legacy of history and culture on its shoulders.  Lilette Subedi, staff member at the UH College of education says: “(Pono) is intangible in many ways.  It’s very difficult to express it or articulate it in words.  That’s why it’s much easier to see pono in action.”

“I think we have to look beneath our feet and around us,” said Subedi.  "Pono is more of a foundation.  So it comes from beneath us, it comes into us, it permeates us.  It comes from above and around us.  It’s all over.  Pono is the term specific to our Native Hawaiian ancestors.”

PONO- Acronym meaning

Prioritizing Others Not Ourselves

Each Team PONO member subscribes to the philosopohy of "Prioritizing Others Not Ourselves" and is a common thread that is intertwined with other beliefs and values that are expected from the membership.


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Team PONO: "to make it right for Hawaii firefighters"